Technology and Society

Designing Ethics, Policy, and Governance for the Digital Age
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Modern technology is fundamentally and irreversibly transforming our society. New technologies are creating vast possibility and change, making our world more connected, streamlined, and increasingly digital. At the same time, they are exposing challenges from the level of individual privacy to global security, without a clear sense of which values are embedded in systems or what responsibility governance and policy hold. We need new models to operate in this changing context.

Georgetown is committed to being a central forum for thoughtful leadership in the digital age. With our strong foundation in public policy, ethics, law, and governance, Georgetown is poised to train future leaders–and engage with current ones–as we navigate the complex implications of new technologies on our society.

The Georgetown Initiative on Technology and Society works with the following three groups:


ensuring Georgetown graduates have both the technical knowledge and strong ethical foundation they need to effectively grapple with technology’s impact

Policymakers & Civil Society Leaders

developing smart policy solutions and increasing public understanding of technology’s impact on society

Technologists & Business Leaders

supporting industry governance efforts and technical solutions that affect change and solve issues for today and tomorrow