Reimagining Ethics, Policy, and Governance for the Digital Age.

The Georgetown Initiative on Tech & Society 

Who We Are

We are a dynamic, university-wide collaboration among Georgetown’s nine schools, three D.C. campuses, and diverse centers and institutes—with a shared goal to shape technology’s promise for a better world.

Our Mission

Georgetown’s Tech & Society Initiative strengthens the intersection of technology, ethics, and governance.

We forge university collaborations at this nexus while also equipping the world’s next generation of leaders to navigate complex, interdisciplinary challenges. We advance our mission in four ways:

  • Collaborate on research. We break out of traditional subject-matter silos and cultivate research that cuts across disciplines.
  • Drive policy and social change. We turn theory into action by developing and executing projects and convenings to foster the formulation and adoption of concrete solutions to better society.
  • Expand interdisciplinary curricula. We develop and teach courses and degree programs at the intersection of technology and society.
  • Build, strengthen, and promote the field of technology and society. We educate the Georgetown community and the world about the importance of integrating values of justice, service, and equity into technology.
Our Approach

We drive curricular innovation at scale to ensure every technical major, minor, or concentration is delivered through an ethical framework. We are a hub for solutions that tackle urgent problems and innovate policy for responsible progress. We are deepening the public conversation about the world we want to build.

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Partners and sponsors committed to work in Tech & Society at Georgetown include: