With so much incredible work occurring at our centers, our focus at Tech & Society is on building connective tissue between centers and departments, identifying points of intersection, and then creating opportunities and incentives for novel collaboration at those points of intersection.

Whether those opportunities are for research, publications, teaching, convening, or advocacy, we intentionally put our time into programs that are designed specifically to bring together multiple centers. Our aim is for quality over quantity, and ultimately success for us means that the work is implemented and taking root throughout the Tech & Society ecosystem—not concentrated in a single place.

Fritz Family Fellowship

A research fellowship that is rooted in research that has been designed by two or more scholars from different parts of the campus. From computer scientists and policy people, to philosophers and lawyers, the fellowship brings together an unusual cross-section of scholars.

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Public Service Fellowship

A fellowship program that provides an opportunity for scholar-practitioners with expertise in technology and public policy to work in the Government, while contributing to their field of study. 

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Novel Degree Programs

While Tech & Society is not a degree-granting institution, we are a sandbox for conceptualizing and designing novel degree programs that are delivered elsewhere at the university.

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Public Interest Tech – University Network

Georgetown was one of 21 founding universities that launched the Public Interest Technology – University Network (PIT-UN), and has won and implemented several projects that are contributing to a rapidly growing body of work nation-wide.

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