We lean into the blurry lines between disciplines, and create multi-dimensional spaces and opportunities to understand and navigate the increasingly ambiguous terrain of information technology. We believe that the problems and opportunities that technology brings with it cannot be fully understood, or managed, with a single perspective, skillset, or discipline. How do we do this? 

We bring together seven centers and programs at Georgetown that are deeply immersed in particular parts of the technology and society equation: ethics, privacy, national security, law, policy, governance, and data—and we are building connective tissue between them. We identify the points of connection between them, and then create opportunities for them to collaborate in tangible and productive ways. 

Ultimately, we are an ecosystem. The work is already happening—what we do is build connective tissue and stretch existing structures of the university to create multi/cross-disciplinary spaces to explore emerging questions and realities—especially those that don’t yet have clear answers.