Nina-Simone Edwards

Research Question: How are technologies used to collect, store, and analyze DNA evidence being developed and sold to police departments in the US?

Mentors and Collaborators: Elissa Redmiles (Department of Computer Science), Emily Tucker (Center on Privacy and Technology), Lisa Singh (Massive Data Institute)

Bio: Simone Edwards is the Privacy Center’s new Fritz Fellow. Her fellowship will support the Privacy Center’s research on technologies for the collection, storage, and analysis of DNA evidence currently being developed by corporations and sold to police departments in the US. Simone is a third-year J.D. student. She previously worked as a Privacy Center research assistant and recently completed a summer internship at Just Futures Law.

In 2019, she obtained a degree in Political Science, and had the honor of being the first University of Tennessee at Chattanooga graduate to receive a Fulbright award in more than 50 years. Her Fulbright ETA position was in Guatemala. Simone made the move to Washington, D.C. in June 2020 to serve as a City Year AmeriCorps Member. She is now the Senior Communications and Technology Editor of the Georgetown Law Journal and a Managing Editor of the Georgetown Law Technology Review. If you can’t find her in a journal office, she might be reviewing a book for her bookstagram.